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What We Do...

We provide top-notch pet sitting services and dog training to clients in Shelton and some surrounding towns, including:

  • Shelton (our home base)
  • Ansonia & Derby
  • Stratford & Trumbull
  • Poop Scoop is provided over wider area
  • Please call for details of our services


Our commitment...

Dog and cat togetherWhether it is long days at work, a business trip or a much-needed vacation that takes you away from home, worrying about your pet's welfare can cause additional stress. Our goal is to assist you by providing the best care possible for your pets, so they can stay in their own home, while you are away.

Why Use a Pet Sitting Service?

Quality Assured

Whether it is a long day at work or a much-needed vacation that takes you away from home, we can help by providing loving and attentive pet care services, such as daily walks, pet sitting, long walks in the park and even pet taxi services that will to get your pet to those all-important appointments with your pet's vet or groomer. 

We have decades of experience with pets of all kinds. Whether you need company for your furry family members while you are at work during the day, or will be away on vacation, we stand ready to assist you. We also offer park hikes, pet taxi and poop scooping service.

If it involves providing top-notch, professional pet services, Paws and Kisses can help!